Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Art of Baby Food Making

Baby food is quite the tricky art.  You have to make sure the taste, smell, color, and consistency are perfect. If it's not perfect one of two things happen: 1. baby will make faces like he has just been poisoned or 2. shortly after being put into the mouth will begin gagging that eventually leads to vomiting. The first two batches of baby food that I made were far from perfect which means that baby pretty much refused to eat it. As a last resort I had to mix it with store bought food.  The third batch went over fairly well, no yucky faces, but you could also tell he didn't love it. Thankfully, I believe I now have quite the hang of it...

Today's adventure was a fruit dish and a dinner dish.  For the fruit I boiled some peeled diced apples, peeled and sectioned peaches, and also peeled and halved two bananas.  I use the Magic Bullet so i can only work with so much room in the blender.  I pureed it all together and the end result smelled amazing. I let baby taste it, then tasted it myself, DELICIOUS.  For the dinner dish I made an eggplant saute.  Eggplant peeled and sectioned, tomatoes cored and de-seeded, a small portion of diced onion, and about a cup of cooked pureed brown rice.  I sauteed all the vegetables in olive oil, when mushy I then put it all in the blender and VIOLA! Amazing dinner.  It also smelled wonderful and had this beautiful color to it.

I enjoy making the baby's food because after 3 months of breastfeeding I was unable to continue, I guess this would be considered my coping mechanism.  I can't produce milk, but I can make him some yummy organic purees with nothing added and no preservatives.

It's funny how something that not only consumes a big chunk of my time but also makes a large mess is so relaxing. I enjoy doing it... it's very calming.  Makes me feel like I'm making it with love and it's a different way for Mommy and baby to bond.

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